The Scoop on Us

The desire to doodle sometimes outweighs other tasks...but those doodles become part of our story and when we wear them we express the various interests we have and share a little bit about ourselves with others.

With each design we reveal part of who we are and what we love, we share those things we have in common, and in doing so we expand our circle of friends. The main reason behind our designs is to be part of a community and share what unite us.

Join our community and find us at our secret beach!

Behind the Scenes

Our "doodler extraordinaire" has many interests that are apparent in all of her designs.

Dr. Jo worked as a physical oceanographer until recently, she has volunteered with various nature conservation groups, has taught math, science and introduction to oceanography. And as a "nerdy geek" is always learning a little bit about everything just for the sake of learning and improving.

Apart from all the science, she was always playing sports and riding her bicycle on long rides or down some single track, has engaged in scuba diving, camping, hiking, stand up paddling, kayaking, dragon boating, and always doodles, plays guitar, drums and belts out in song when you least expect it... but her ultimate favorite activity is to visit the beach and awe at the wonders of nature that surround us and connect us all.